What Makes Camping a Great Family Vacation

Do you remember back when you were just a young kid and Dad would come home from work and say, “let’s go fishing?” I remember when I was around ten years old my Dad would come home from work and say “hey kid, let’s get our rods and go fishing.” I was not much on the fishing but I did love the one on one time that I had with my dad on those fishing trips, but what I liked most were the family vacation camping trips. So maybe your family was not like mine, but it is never too late to have a family vacation camping trip.Some camping areas have log cabins, boat ramps, paddle boats, and many more activities that will make your family vacation camping trip the best family vacation ever. Families can rent cabins and spend a weekend and sometimes a week cooking out and fishing and swimming.When camping, you might want to bring a radio so that you can keep up with the weather, but other than that, you really do not need any electronic devices. During the day you could fish, swim, and play volleyball maybe even some badminton. Sandwiches are always a family favorite and easy meal when on a camping trip. After lunch, mom and dad can hunker down, enjoy a good book, and relax while the kids play. Nature hikes are a great way to spend some of your family vacation time when on a camping trip.Camping is a good and fun way to bring the family back together. Camping does not have any distractions such as a cell phone, Game Boy, or television. Sit around a campfire and eat s’mores while telling scary stories until you fall asleep. Your family will love the closeness and fun time memories you are creating.Camping in log cabins is not the only way to enjoy camping. You can camp in tents and RVs as well. It is even fun to camp out underneath the stars. Having the stars as your roof is beautiful and you will be able to look for constellations and falling stars while you lay in your sleeping bag.There is nothing like hanging out with your family playing games and fishing on a camping trip. Many families have a family vacation camping trip family reunion. Imagine having about 100 or more family members to come together and share recipes, pictures, and just catch up on family news. For such a large group you might want to cheat a little and have barbeque catered in for the whole family, but it will still be a lot of fun.What is so sad is that young people today just are not into camping. They are more into television or Game Boys or cell phones. A family vacation is a time to get to know each other.

How to Prepare a Camping First Aid Kit

Camping trips and hiking are fun! With the arrival of spring, many people start backpacking for camping to experience the incredible fun. It is the most inexpensive way to celebrate vacations with family and friends. A small camp near a beautiful corner of the world feels so relaxing, where you can feel the nature and enjoy living the simple life.You have plenty of play time to enjoy and strengthen your family bonds. When you plan camping or any outdoor activity, it is very important to carry a camping first aid kit. It provides you basic first aid or medical supplies in any emergency case. It can be easily prepared at home, but one should know which items should be carried. The first aid kit checklist will help you to include all the essential items.1. The insect bites, blisters, wounds, bug bites, scratches, scrapes and allergic reactions are most common problems while camping. The kit should have all basic aids to deal with these issues.2. Alcohol based hand antiseptic or sanitizing gel is more effective at killing infection causing microorganisms.3. The pairs of non-latex sterile gloves as some people are allergic to latex. The bleeding wounds are more prone to infection due to presence of pathogens therefore the wound should be handled with sterile hands for safety of both the accident victim and your own.4. In order to prevent infection, it is important to stop bleeding and cover the wound with sterile gauze pads. Add two or four sterile gauze pads to your camping kit.5. The alcohol swabs are used to clean and sanitize the wounds so add them in your camping or hiking first aid kit.6. A small tube of antibiotic ointment is a must. Neosporin is most commonly used antibiotic ointment, which is available in small tube form and convenient spray bottle. It easily fits into the camping survival kit.7. A packet of adhesive bandages can be bagged in a Ziploc bag. The small size bandages are more convenient to place on small wounds, so as for large wounds. Therefore add different size of bandages.8. In an emergency case, a small roll of adhesive tape and tongue depressors are used to make makeshift splint. You can add a metal or form made finger splint as well. Adhesive tape is used to apply more pressure with the gauze pads on wounds as sometime we are unable to use adhesive bandages.9. Safety scissors are most useful equipment of a first aid kit that uses to cut away the clothing or extra adhesive tape interfering with wound treatment or entangled on the victim in anyway.10. You can add tweezers in your camping survival kit, which are used to remove ticks and splinters.11. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency breathing procedure, which is performed manually to preserve intact brain function. If you love hiking or camping and often plan, then it is best idea to take basic classes of CPR. This will prepare you to face such emergencies.12. The swelling insect or bug bites or a sprain can be reduced by ice treatment. Add a small ice pack having a popped inner seal to your first aid kit.13. A small Ace bandage is a significant tool of a first aid kit that can support or stabilize the broken limbs or wrap sprains.Some other medical aid may include Ibuprofen (for swelling or fever), Tylenol (two packs for headaches), Insect repellent with N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide – DEET (like fleas, mosquitoes, ticks etc.) and a small package of antacid. “Precautions are better than cures”, therefore safety should the foremost consideration while camping or hiking. Unfortunately, if you meet an accident or emergency a small camping survival kit comes very handy and gets you great relief.

Water Sports at Camp

Do you remember your first summer at camp? An incredible experience, camp is a great way for kids to learn independence and important life skills. In addition to some of the literal skills taught, kids are forced to interact socially without the safety net of their parents. Kids learn how to be a part of a community, how to follow a schedule, and have a lot of fun at camp. The best camps provide a variety of water sports for kids, allowing them to build confidence doing activities which they may never have had the opportunity to participate in otherwise.SwimmingThe original water sport is, of course, swimming! Kids learn to swim first at camp, both for fun and safety. Camp kids first need to learn the basic survival swimming methods, so they can hang out in the water if they get stuck somewhere. Next they will learn to butterfly swim and freestyle, until they are comfortable moving around in the water. Swimming is only the beginning, however, as camp kids participate in a wide variety of water sports after they learn the foundations.BodyboardingThis form of riding the ocean involves riding a small board on your belly in the surf. The rider paddles out to the waves, then turns back toward the beach and rides the wave back towards land. Bodyboarding is a great way for kids to start out in water sports! As long as kids can swim and are constantly monitored, they can paddle out to the waves and ride them back in. The feeling of lying on your stomach is very stable, so even if they are knocked off the board it’s easy enough to swim with the current back to shore.KneeboardingThis form of water skiing is great for beginners. Pulled carefully by a boat, the kneeboarder places their knees on the board and rides the water behind the vehicle. Kneeboarding is a great transition to the stand-up water sports. It allows the kids to ride the waves and sometimes even get some air in a comfortable manner. If they find they really like kneeboarding, they don’t have to stop! There are kneeboarding competitions all over the world, and it is a skill unto itself.Wakeboarding and Water SkiingConsidered by many to be the “premier” water sports, wakeboarding and water skiing are just too much fun for kids at camp. Wakeboarding involves standing on a modified type of surfboard, and being pulled by a boat across the waves. Water skiing, of course, is the same thing on two skis built for water. Both have their own advantages, and are usually a matter of the rider’s preference. Kids who finally learn to wakeboard or water ski not only learn a great skill; they learn confidence in themselves and their abilities. The first time a kid at camp stands up and rides a wave successfully, they will have truly accomplished something and will know that they did it all by themselves.Don’t Miss Out!Camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about themselves and have a whole lot of fun. Camp isn’t free, but what parents spend to send their kids to camp is an investment in their future. Kids will remember camp for the rest of their lives, and the experiences they have will shape their adult personalities. Your kids will love camp, and there is no better place for them to learn about themselves and everything they can accomplish.